Probate services

Our Ilkley office is one of the first accountancy practices in West Yorkshire to be able to carry out non-contentious probate and estate administration services.

With extensive tax experience in helping our clients with IHT and tax planning opportunities, as well as carrying out estate planning work and dealing with all aspects of trusts, we are best placed to take care of yours or your family’s probate and estate administration work.

For many people faced with the responsibility of administering the estate and probate process of a loved one, this can be overwhelming and at times seem very daunting. Probate can be a complex situation to sort out, particularly for those who have little or no knowledge of dealing with probate matters or financial statements.

But don’t worry, we can help.

Whether you would like someone to take over the whole process for you, or just give advice as and when you need it, we’re on hand to give you as much or as little support as you require.

No matter if you chose to carry out the probate and estate administration process yourself, or you instruct us to do the work for you, the application for probate is still the same and involves:

  • Finding the will.
  • Applying for the grant of representation.
  • Administering the estate.
  • Preparing the estate accounts.
  • Distributing the assets to the beneficiaries of the estate.

The advent of accountancy firms being able to offer non-contentious probate services followed a change in the law in 2014 which allowed accountants to carry out certain types of reserved legal work. Prior to this change in the law your probate options were to use a solicitor, bank or do it yourself.

However, our experience has shown that in some cases banks and solicitors can be slow to carry out the probate process. Furthermore, they lack the in-depth tax knowledge to be able to guide clients into minimising tax liabilities where possible and can also charge vast sums of money for implementing probate, even for the most simplest of estates.

At Wilkinson and Partners we are experienced in all of these areas so we can act swiftly, calculate all the different tax liabilities which may be due, prepare the estate accounts and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries as soon as is practicable. Plus, our fees are likely to be highly competitive when compared to the likes of banks and solicitors - we suggest you ask for quotes to compare the different probate providers.

Losing a loved one can be a very traumatic time, let us take some of this trauma away by handling the probate and estate administration service for you.

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